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ILMA Journal of Technology & Software Management (IJTSM)

ISSN: 2709-2240, E-ISSN: 2790-590X

The esteemed journal's primary objective is to provide a platform for showcasing the latest developments and trends in the field of technology and software management, accompanied by in-depth critical analysis. The ILMA Journal of Technology & Software Management (IJTSM) presents a collection of original and distinctive articles covering various aspects of software engineering and related fields. These contributions offer a global perspective, reflecting the international nature of the research within the journal.

Our Aim:

ILMA JTSM aspires to be your beacon in the ever-evolving world of technology and software management. We are committed to providing a dynamic platform that:
1. Explores Transformations & Trends: Unveil the latest transformations and trends in technology and software management through comprehensive analysis, offering you invaluable insights.
2. Offers a Global Perspective: Our journal proudly showcases a diverse array of original articles, transcending borders to deliver an international perspective.
3. Promotes Critical Inquiry: Encouraging critical analysis to delve deep into the nuances of the tech world, fostering innovative thinking and problem-solving.

Our Scope:

At IJTSM, our scope is to be your trusted guide in the ever-evolving realm of technology and software management. Our commitment based scope is unwavering:
1. Unveiling Technological Frontiers: We're your front-row seat to the cutting-edge developments and trends in technology and software management, all underpinned by meticulous critical analysis.
2. Bridging Continents, Igniting Ideas: IJTSM proudly curates a treasury of original articles spanning the rich landscape of software engineering and its allied domains. Our global perspective is a testament to the international tapestry of research encapsulated within our journal.
3. Igniting Innovation, Fostering Excellence: We're more than a journal; we're a crucible of creativity, fostering innovation and excellence through rigorous exploration and discourse

Why Publish with IJTSM

ILMA Journal of Technology & Software Management (IJTSM) , evaluates research on scientific validity, strong methodology, and high ethical standards—not perceived significance.

Efficient editorial assessment and fast publication are important to scientific advancement—that's why we work hard to continue to improve our times.

ILMA Journal of Technology & Software Management (IJTSM) articles are available to everyone, immediately and without restriction.

With ILMA Journal of Technology & Software Management (IJTSM) , you can Open opportunities for your community to see, cite, share, and build upon your science: publish your data, get early feedback on preprints, and contextualize research by publishing the peer review history. We'll provide the tools for tracking and sharing your progress.
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ILMA Journal of Technology & Software Management (IJTSM)

The ILMA Journal of Technology & Software Management (IJTSM) is a forward-thinking publication by ILMA University, dedicated to advancing technology and software management for the betterment of society. We prioritize accessibility and multidisciplinary research, welcoming contributions from various fields related to technology and IT management. Our stringent evaluation process emphasizes methodological rigor and ethical standards. IJTSM aims to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange in these critical domains. For more details, please refer to our publication guidelines.